SHUFFLE: Why Don’t We teach us how to beatbox

The boys of Why Don’t We are a bit like a box of chocolates, they all bring “Something Different” to the table. Now we know what they're bumping on their playlist.

July 12, 2018

The boys of Why Don’t We are a little like a box of chocolates ­– all sweet, with each bringing “Something Different” to the table. So it’s no surprise that when we had them rock out to their own music collections, every song was just as adorably unique as they are. They start us off with T-Swift’s collab with Ed Sheeran and Future, “Endgame,” before sharing a story of being invited to hang in her greenroom at Madison Square garden – proof that even Taylor’s given them her seal of approval:

“It’s crazy how certain songs can bring you back to a certain time in your life,” Jonah says when “I’m Sorry” by Swell comes on. The tune reminds the band of their Taking You tour, and given how chill Swell’s beats are, it must’ve been a pretty relaxing tour for the boys!

When you’re not even old enough to buy beer—and you have a number of pop hits to your name, of course you have every right to be proud of yourself. The boys show they aren’t lacking in the self-love department when their own song, “Words I Didn’t Say,” is the next on their shuffle.

And if you ever gotta get out of babysitting duty, call up Lianna La Havas – whose song “Green & Gold” prompts Daniel to describe her as “kind of like if Mary Poppins was in the current time”:

Why Don’t We end their shuffle by landing on “Honest” by Bazzi, who Jonah says he admires for the way he’s “so real with his music” and how “he says exactly who he is”—right before the five of them jump into a random beatbox session so charming it straight has us like

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