10 classic stand-up jokes about musicians

From Hannibal Buress to George Carlin, comedians have never shied away from ripping on musicians.

October 7, 2015

Music and musicians have always been a go-to target for the world’s stand-up comedians, but music jokes are a risky onstage proposition: your cousin Rudy’s 18-minute bit about Selena Gomez didn’t exactly slay at Laffsters Amateur Night, did it? Not to mention, what happens if the world’s biggest Kenny Chesney fan was in the audience and thinks you’d be “Better As A Memory” and wants to meet you in the parking lot after the show, thanks to your devastating Welcome to the Fishbowl riffs?

These are the risks stand-up comics take when they decide to take on musicians in their act, so to honour their bravery, we’ve assembled 10 of the best stand-up music jokes ever. Hopefully these comedy greats inspire even more Bob Geldof burns.

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