10 of the greatest pedal boards ever

From Prince's fittingly tiny setup to John Frusciante's Moogerfoogers, take a look at these gnarly guitar rigs.

June 24, 2015

Sure, that rare 1950s custom Les Paul and vintage tube amp will get you started, but you’re still going to be pretty limited with what tones you can achieve if you don’t add some of those crucial sound spicers: guitar pedals!

The first commercially available effect unit meant for use outside the studio was the 1948 DeArmond Trem-Trol, which passed a guitar’s electrical signal through electrolytic fluid to achieve a tremolo effect. Gross! Don’t spill any of your fluid on me, Freddie! Today, there’s all manner of reverb, pitch shifters, compressors, sprongers, and sound funklers (okat, some of those are not real) to add to your arsenal and keep your guitar tone mutating more than a…uh…a Resident Evil villain (trust me, it makes sense). Here are 10 examples of amazing pedal boards, whether they belong to famous axe swingers or just weird enthusiasts with way too much money.

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