10 photos that prove Drake is the thirstiest basketball fan around

April 10, 2014

In music, in life, and in sports, it’s easy to get the sense that Drake just wants to be loved. To be accepted. And in his time as Toronto Raptors Global Ambassador, a relatively meaningless title that can be best simplified as “glorified court side mascot,” dude’s proven his love for the sport to be pretty genuine. But his allegiances? Not so much.

From crashing the Miami Heat’s championship locker room—or trying to—to hovering around Coach Calipari’s Kentucky Wildcats, Drizzy’s always floating where the attention is. It makes sense: His early success had a bit to do with how athletes like Lebron James latched onto “Forever.”

He owes a lot to basketball and clearly loves it. But his infatuation with hanging out with NBA players? It’s incredibly goofy in that sweet spot only Drake can seem to pull off. Dude seems to embrace his corniness, and below, we outline some of those moments. Will he be the next La La Anthony? Unlikely. But at the very least, dude’s lined himself as the next Kristen Couch. Above, we highlight Drizzy’s thirstiest basketball moments with what, we imagine, is his running internal monologue.

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