11 musicians who denied Weird Al

July 18, 2014

There’s no greater sign of a musician “making it” than getting parodied by Weird Al. Why then, did these dummies resist Alfred Yankovic’s highest form of flattery? In every case except for Prince, Al went ahead with the parodies anyway, because he’s punk as fuck. Join Weird Aaron as he chronicles the poor sports (or in some cases, the labels) that tried to stand in the way of polka progress.

The Beatles – Free As A Bird (Gee I’m A Nerd)
James Blunt – You’re Beautiful (You’re Pitiful)
U2 – Numb (Green Eggs And Ham)
Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise (Amish Paradise)
Eminem – Lose Yourself (Couch Potato)
Paul McCartney – Live And Let Die (Chicken Pot Pie)
Prince’s Entire Catalogue
Michael Jackson – Black Or White (Snack All Night)
Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love (Whole Lotta Lunch)
Billy Joel – It’s Still Rock N Roll To Me (It’s Still Billy Joel To Me)
Lady Gaga – Born This Way (Perform This Way)

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