12 Election Day playlist essentials

From Propagandhi to Petra Glynt to Raffi, these songs are the perfect soundtrack for the polls.

October 19, 2015

Whoever you plan to cast your ballot for today, you’ll definitely need a Canada-centric soundtrack to listen to while you do it. It’s practically mandated by Elections Canada!

Good thing, then, that there’s no shortage of Canadian artists and anthems that make perfect musical accompaniments to waiting in line at the polls, be they intentionally political (Propagandhi) or less so (Drake, surprisingly not Raffi). Here are the top 12, 100% Canadian songs for the civic-minded citizen (don’t worry, we kept it Moxy Fruvous-free).

Blue Rodeo – “Stealin’ All My Dreams”

Blue Rodeo’s 2015 protest song isn’t quite on the nose enough IMO… I’m still unclear on who “King Stevie” could be. Television producer and Doogie Howser creator Steven Bochco?

Propaghandhi – “The Fucking Rich Fuck The Poor”

Any song from Chris Hannah and co. could make the cut, but let’s go with one that makes their political leanings clear (well, clearer). I wonder if these guys’ll be voting for Stephen Harper?

Petra Glynt – “Murder”

Toronto experimental pop artist Petra Glynt makes her own opinions on King Stevie clear with this political banger: “Choosing the economy over our real future. Call it what it is: murder!”

Sam Roberts Band – “The Canadian Dream”

Surprisingly, a song with the lyrics “S.O.C.I.A.L.I.S.M’s the only way, eh hey” was left off the U.S. version of We Were Born In A Flame. Go figure.

Raffi – “Vote for Democracy”

It’s no “Bananaphone,” but it’ll do.

A Tribe Called Red ft. Buffy Sainte-Marie – “Working for the Government”

This stomping Tribe remix of the Buffy Sainte-Marie original is definitely in the top three songs about Elections Canada workers, narrowly beating out CSNY’s “You Don’t Have To Cry”.

Lowest of the Low – “Salesmen, Cheats and Liars”

There’s never been a better song about career politicians, or professional audio gear resellers.

The Pursuit of Happiness – “I’m An Adult Now”

For the first-time voter, 18 years old or otherwise.

Sloan – “Money City Maniacs”

Might as well be Fort McMurray’s anthem, if you just make the leap that Coke fizz = bitumen.

Leonard Cohen – “Everybody Knows”

At least the unstoppable, relentless advance of neoliberalism makes for awesome music like this.

Drake – “Started From The Bottom”

Required listening for incumbent-beaters and Elizabeth May alike.

Peaches – “Fuck the Pain Away”

That’s the plan, if a certain someone wins a majority.

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