13 bands you should totally join on Kijiji right now

September 4, 2014

For cubicle dwellers like us, Craigslist offers endless entertainment: From titillating festival missed connections to endless join-my-band opportunities to ads for Deadmau5’s Purrari, the classifieds site has a knack for bringing us closer to our city, one casual encounter at a time. But what of Craiggers’ biggest competitor, Kijiji? The eBay-owned site has its eyes set on dislodging Craig from his throne, and in certain places in Canada—Calgary, Halifax, the ‘burbs of Toronto—they’ve succeeded. So, we trawled the depths of Kijiji to find a few bands we want you to join—including a bite-sized trio, an act destined for the Horseshoe, and Toronto’s eminent dad rock band.

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