13 printable musician masks for Halloween

Need a last-minute costume? How about Bieber Dong or Disney Corgan?

October 28, 2015

Halloween is in three days and you’re unprepared.

It’s OK. It happens. But for the sixth year running, we’ve got you covered. Didn’t have time to dress up as your favourite dank meme? Run out of inspiration on turning that witty portmanteau into the costume-to-beat? The solution is right here: Instead consider going as, like, Justin Bieber’s dick, or whatever.

Even better, break out the couples costume and go as everyone’s favourite hip-hop power-duo Meow Run the Jewels. Guys looking for their trap queen can give our Fetty Wap mask a whirl, while doe-eyed dreamers might be into our flower-crowned Lana Del Rey mask.

And the best part? These things are always a hit. Last year, I wore our Bono mask to a house party and was antagonized by no less than three guys dressed like nuns. Better still, it’s an admittedly stupid costume idea without being an actually stupid costume idea.

These masks not tickling your fancy? Lucky for you, we’ve got dozens archived from the past few years. Why not go vintage with our still-terrifying Chavril mask?.

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