14 classic MuchMusic VJs who are still in the public eye

October 20, 2014

MuchMusic recently turned 30, and as the venerable Canadian music station reached its third decade, it came with a navelgazing frenzy: Some demanded that the station return to its video-centric roots; Master T, for his part, demanded its return to founder Moses Znaimer. Others claimed that MuchMusic was already in its death knell, pointing to the fact that it cut, then revived, then again folded The Wedge. Others simply celebrated its legacy by reuniting some of the station’s VJs, like Ed the Sock, Jen Hollett, and Rick the Temp.

Yet for all the talk surrounding the past, present, and future of Much, many were missing the point—the station was driven by strong, likeable personalities, many of whom were our introduction to music. Many of its personalities are still defined by their time at Much—Rick Campanelli’s Twitter profile lists him as a “permanent temp to many”—but they, as we, eventually outgrew the station. But that doesn’t mean that they faded from the public eye—in fact, plenty of VJs still continue on with high-profile work, whether they’re Hollywood actors, bloggers, or even local weather anchors. Here are 14 of our favourites.

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