14 Friday jams that somehow do not involve Rebecca Black

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday.

June 26, 2015

If we’ve learned anything from Urkel, Topanga and frying pan wielding dinosaurs, it’s that Friday is a special day. If it wasn’t, why would the James Beard Award winning eatery TGI Fridays feature “Friday” in their name? It’s an ELITE day of the week worthy of worship and song.

Here at AUX HQ, we figured it was time to shine a spotlight on Friday jamz of varying quality. We’re sweethearts like that. Whigfield can keep her Saturday nights, Sunday mornings are fine for No Doubt and the Velvet Underground, but it’s Friday we’re in love.

WARNING: Rebecca Black’s misunderstood megajam “Friday” will not be appearing on this roundup. Please collect your tears, place them in a manila envelope and mail them to our offices. Thanks!

The Cure – “Friday I’m In Love”

Robert Smith: Make-Up Caked Optimist. The Cure frontman “don’t care if Monday’s black, Tuesday, Wednesday heart attack, Thursday never looking back” because… (EVERYBODY SING ALONG!) “it’s Friday I’m in love.” This is the sort of big beautiful pop tune you want to drape over yourself like an oversized Betty Boop t-shirt. Put “Friday I’m In Love” on and watch the gloom vapourize. Millions of heavily lipsticked makeout sessions among goth teens can’t be wrong.

Young Gunz – “Friday Night”

How’s your Friday night looking? Are you planning on stuffing your face with a family-sized order of garlic bread while rooting against assorted bridal parties on Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta? That’s a quality option, but why not spend your night out with mid ’00s rap duo Young Gunz? Young Chris and Young Neef seem to be having a lovely time over top of some partystarting Just Blaze production. Enthusiastic body movements ahoy!

NAYSA – “Friday (On My Own)”

Agreeable Winnipeg tune vendors NAYSA won’t be hitting the town. They’re tethered inside on the telephone talking to Mary Jane (POSSIBLE DRUG STAND-IN), Karen, Sherri and any other girl that might own such a contraption. None of those options pan out, so it’s a solitary evening in for this tune’s hero. C’mon, gang! There’s no shame in trudging out alone to your desired entertainment option. It’s an unwritten rule that all you have to do is cry on the bus ride there and you’re golden!

Spector – “Friday Night, Don’t Ever Let It End”

“I thought it was the weekend, but where are my friends?” asks Spector frontman Fred MacPherson on this pub-primed whirling dervish of an indie offering. It makes sense that Spector feel a little lost and confused. This cut came out a couple years back, yet it sounds like a refugee from a 2004 NME “One To Watch” roundup.

S Club 7 – “Friday Night”

There ain’t no party like an S Club Party, now is there? (If you have any doubts, contact the Governor General.) This S Club offering is one of the lower quality tunes cranked out by this spunky septet, but it does provide some incredibly important Friday information. Did you know that Friday is an excellent day for groovin’ AND partying all night long? It’s true! Worried your Friday isn’t all it could be? Remember that you should be spending it with a gaggle of folks. After all: “One can’t make a party, two is not enough to get down, three you still get lonely cause tonight’s the night for crowds.”

IMPORTANT: Do not follow S Club Jo’s guide for race relations.

Loverboy – “Friday Night”

Do you enjoy letting the hoser within spring forth Teen Wolf style on Friday nights? Loverboy can oblige! This Lovin’ Every Minute Of It cut sounds like it was moulded out of pure cocaine, but you can still blast it while shotgunning Pilsner and getting into a fistfight over the integrity of the rouge to the CFL. “I’ve been bidin’ my time, listen to the bossman scream/Workin’ 40 hours, payin’ for this dream machine/’Cause I’m living proof every mad-dog has his day/I’m going to find me a woman – head out on the old highway,” wails Mike Reno with the knowledge that THOSE LYRICS ARE THE FUCKING TRUTH BUDDY!

Kelis – “Friday Fish Fry”

Reliably excellent genre-blurring “Milkshake” purveyor Kelis crafted this marvel for her 2014 release Food. “Give me what I want, give me what I need,” pleads the singer with a blast of soul-marinated rock intensity. Make no mistake, “Friday Fish Fry”  is a proper blend of enchantment and nourishment worthy of any night of the week.

The Easybeats – “Friday On My Mind”

One of the best tracks to ever spring forth from the land of the Doof Warrior, The Easybeats slug their way through a week of drudgery to make it to the Friday finish line. Incorporating touches of proto-punk and the psychedelic rock, this quivering international hit bounces around with eye-on-the-prize focus. Who gives a shit if Monday’s a parade of groin punches, Friday and all its perks are on the horizon. Your mileage may vary for David Bowie’s 1973 cover.

Spider Bags – “Friday Night”

Twirling and banging around like an over-caffeinated toddler in the kitchen, North Carolina garage combo Spider Bags are in the mood to outfit Friday night in an entertaining bummer. “Baby, it’s tough falling out of love,” concedes singer Dan McGee as this track strong-arms its way into your fridge and takes your coldest beers without asking. The tune’s good, so no hard feelings.

Kanye West ft. Common, Pusha T, Kid Cudi, Big Sean and Charlie Wilson – “Good Friday”

Yeezus is here to bless you with “Good Friday.” A star-studded cut from the GOOD Fridays release era, Kanye paired with trusted pals Pusha T, Big Sean, Charlie Wilson, Kid Cudi and Common to flex their posse cut muscles and wish you a good weekend. “I mean, my whole team about to smash the streets/The Phillip Lim remind them that it’s Fashion Week,” shares ‘Ye with an eye trained on building up a style empire of his very own. Oh, also Big Sean considers his balls to be noticeably fresher than other MCs period. Keep that mind if you have a freshness leaderboard at home or in the office.

Katy Perry – “Last Friday Night (TGIF)”

Booze, property damage and a ménage à trois are all par for Ms. Katy Perry on a Friday night. (No word on scrubbing assorted substances off Claire’s accessories making up the bulk of her Saturday morning.) “Last Friday Night (TGIF)” is a hypercolour hedonism anthem that’s happy to get sloppy drunk and barf full force into your mom’s jewelry box in the name of majestic pop. Marvellous.

moodblanc – “Friday Night”

Did you know that they have Fridays in Sweden? We assumed the Swedes were on some sort of metric calendar, but this sparkling nü-disco cut from duo moodblanc has proved otherwise. Settling into a welcome woozy groove, “Friday Night” operates in a universe of funk and synth charm with a desire to make the evening last. Mind you, there aren’t that many crowd-pleasing dance tunes dedicated to how swiftly the artist would like the night to come to an end.

Lily Allen – “Friday Night”

Lily Allen battles through nightclub nuisances and guest list villains in this ska-kissed pop number off her debut Alright, Still. Between the loudmouths, security patdowns and potential fisticuffs, we’d recommend keeping a ready checklist of all the exits. “Don’t try and test me or you’ll get a reaction/Another drink and I’m ready for action,” threatens Lily as the evening’s demerits pile up.

The Darkness – “Friday Night”

Who knew Justin Hawkins had such a busy extracurricular schedule? His week is jam-packed with cycling, gymnastics, bridge club, archery, badminton, ping pong and needlework with the highlight coming on (when else?) Friday when this rawk frontman gets to dance with a woman that inspires him to write bad poetry. It’s a marvel that he was able to work in this warm and gooey pop-rock ode in his downtime.

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