14 times couples showed their inner geeks in their wedding processions

For better or worse indeed!

November 18, 2015

As time marches inexorably onwards and we all keep updating our media players, salary, and lifestyle expectations, it’s inevitable that our traditions and cultural routines will change too. That being said, sometimes it’s best to just go with a proven classic. Nowhere is this lesson more applicable than the music choice during a wedding ceremony. Sure, you might be bored of the tired old Bridal March or Pachelbel, but do you really want to subject your guests to an off-putting, half-hearted Hit The Quan dance routine? “I do.” Oh…then…I do, too, honey!

When the time comes for you to plan your nuptials, why not stick with something time-honoured and traditional, lest you end with an awkward ceremony like one of the 14 below. Or yeah, a 15 minute “Thong Song” routine could be funny. It’s your wedding, do what you want.


I’m sure the happy couple is re-watching this video right now and not cringing at all, as the work of Deakin, Panda Bear, Geologist and Avey Tare is still 100% as relevant and timeless as that of, say, Wagner.


I do give them points for the record scratch switch-up: some classics never go out of style. However, I gotta dock points for LMFAO, and for holding the ceremony in the approach corridor of the local airport.


Best part of this one is bewildered plaid dad assuring his son that “the song is saying Auntie Karen “trucks so good! You know how your aunt loves driving her truck!”


Ah, the heady days of 2009, when we all thought soundtracking a wedding procession to a Chris Brown single was so quirky and unique it deserved full-scale media coverage and a shoutout from The Office. Somehow, no one involved with the wedding took the whole domestic violence angle into consideration, despite the assault on Rihanna happening earlier that year. Nice donation link on the video, though.


Boo! If you insist on gyrating down the aisle to a song by a confessed domestic abuser, at least be original. Have you considered the gentle balladry of Tommy Lee, or Yanni?


Cringe + Cringier Music Factory. Everybody Glance Aside Now.


Sick “I Gotta Feeling”/”Canon In D”/”I Gotta Feeling” mix. *In Ricky Ranking voice* Big up selecta!


This one’s absolutely unbelievable. How does anyone under the age of 40 become such a huge Sister Act fan?


C+C gonna make you sweat (on the back of your neck, out of vicarious embarrassment).


“Sharon, you gotta dance”. Sharon: [stony gaze]. At least this is on the way out of the church, which is somehow (slightly) more acceptable.


Given the choice between the Black Eyed Peas and Chris Brown as the entrance theme, I think I’d choose to leave my fiancee at the altar. I don’t think anyone would blame me.


I had the exact same reaction as the little girl in front. Also: is it me, or is that dude is batting more out of his league than Bill Bergen?


This video probably had a higher production budget than Fergie’s forthcoming new album. You can really sense the creeping awkwardness when it’s in HD.


Ugh. Ibanezes.

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