17 famous album covers seen from another angle

April 15, 2014

If you’ve ever been obsessed with an album—and we’re betting you have—then you’ve likely committed every corner of its cover art to memory. Seriously, how many of you could perfectly recreate the cover for Nirvana’s In Uterofrom sheer muscle memory? Lots of you, we’d wager.

But as much we love classic album art, a lot of it is static: Most of us view our favourite covers as unchangeable, unmoving, locked in time. Artist Harvezt, however, sees things differently. And has undertaken a deceptively simple, but ruthlessly creative, project called The Dark Side of the Covers, which reverses iconic album art—almost as if a camera was placed behind your favourite record sleeves. The results are sometimes insightful, sometimes hilarious, and always precise—and it’s clear that Harvezt has a soft spot for metal. Check ’em for yourself in the gallery above.

Of course, these aren’t the only album covers re-imagined by Harvezt. See more (and read up on the covers) on Flickr.

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