17 Marvel comics reimagined as classic hip-hop album covers

From Spider-Man as Eric B. to Dr. Strange as Dr. Dre, these variant covers are super cool.

August 5, 2015

This fall, hip-hop heads and comic book nerds will finally be united, in an event long prophesied by seers and warlocks as the Conjunction of the Snapbacks.

Starting in October, Marvel Comics will be producing a series of over 50 variant covers for their series, all based on iconic hip-hop album art from the past three decades. If you’ve ever wondered what Spidey would look like as Eric B. or Dr. Strange as Dr. Dre, your strikingly-specific curiosity can now be sated, you weirdo. Check out the recently revealed covers in our gallery above.

“For years, Marvel Comics and Hip-Hop culture have been engaged in an ongoing dialog,” Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso said while unveiling the first batch of the covers. In more controversial statements, comic books are cool now, and there’s absolutely no shame in continuing to read them after age 25!

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