19 musicians imagined as furries that’ll inhabit your nightmares

July 15, 2014

Fan art can be both incredible and balls-out weird—at least that’s what we discovered when we went digging for portraits of Drake and Chad Kroeger. And one of the stranger corners of the fan-art universe—perhaps even odder than illustrations that super-size celebrities like Hayley Williams—is the furry universe, which re-imagines people as hybrid animals, adding tails, doe eyes, and bushy ears to the human form. Just about every animal-man permutation has been imagined, as witnessed in the gallery above, and it’s often to disturbing effect. (Though not as Vore, which fetishizes being swallowed alive.) Weird? Sure. Hilarious? No doubt. We’ve swam to the depths of DeviantArt to bring you our favourite musicians in furry form. Hope you, uh, enjoy.

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