2 Live Crew rapper named after Star Wars won’t let his kids see the movie

'Luke Skyywalker' is still mad about being sued by George Lucas.

January 6, 2016

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a colossal galaxy-gobbling box office hit and you sure as shit won’t find one-time 2 Live Crew rapper Luther Campbell in a single screening of this big screen smash. The Miami hip-hop/bass legend is boycotting the film because he’s still pissed off with George Lucas over a lawsuit that was filed about a quarter-century ago.

On the off-chance they don’t teach these sorts of historical events in school, here’s what the fuss is about. Campbell used the name Luke Skywalker (later Luke Skyywalker) for a stretch in what he says was a nod to Knicks dunk maestro Kenny “Sky” Walker. Lucasfilm was not happy that the name of the star of their family-friendly film was being shared by a dude churning out some of the most gleefully profane songs in human history and sued him for $300 million, alleging that Campbell was infringing on their trademark among other alleged misdeeds. After some legal jostling, Campbell was forced to rebrand himself and his label with a $300,000 out-of-court settlement serving as the direct financial damage.

So, uh, yeah, we understand why Uncle Luke wouldn’t be thrilled another Star Wars movie is coming around the bend.

[quote]”Every time I see a trailer, or an ad, for that movie all I can think is I want that motherfucker George Lucas to give me my money back,” he told Vulture.[/quote]

Campbell noted in his chat with the outlet that he wasn’t pulling from Star Wars with his branding and that the logo of Luke Skyywalker Records has absolutely nothing to do with the lucrative sci-fi franchise. He’s not looking down on anyone that sees Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but Campbell says the movie has a different meaning for him.

[quote]”I respect the fact that people love the movie,” he offered. “George Lucas made a helluva movie and a brand. People love it. But he took nearly a half a million dollars from me.”[/quote]

The boycott extends to Campbell’s family too. If his kids want to see the movie, they won’t be forking over any dough to the filmmakers.

“I tell my kids, don’t ever buy bootleg, but if you really want to watch that movie, you can buy it bootleg.”

As for Campbell, he says he never fucked with Star Wars in the first place. His loyalty is to another iconic franchise.

[quote]”I like fucking Star Trek,” declares Campbell. “And if you are a Trekkie, you damn sure don’t love Star Wars.”[/quote]

The campaign to lobby Paramount to include “I Wanna Rock (Doo Doo Brown)” in Star Trek Beyond begins here.

[h/t Billboard]

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