20 printable music masks for Halloween

To view a mask in its full, printable glory, right click on the image and, depending on your browser, select either "open image in new tab" or "view image."

October 28, 2014

Halloween can be a lot a work, and not everybody has the time to spend hours on end crafting the perfect costume, let alone the kind of costs it can take to look the part on October 31st. And that’s why for the fifth year running we’ve decided to make it easier on you with our custom crafted, easily printable halloween masks.

Want to look like Mac DeMarco? Slap on some overalls and print out his mask, which comes complete with a straw-accessible mouth hole. Going out with the family this year? We’ve got you covered with our Jay-Bey-Blue and KimKanNortshian mask sets.

From there, it gets a little silly; from Bono’s eye-filled sunglasses to Nicki Minaj’s bubble butt, we’re confident there’s something for everyone here, and if not, we’ve got plenty in the archives (linked below) for y’all to pick through.


(Download a .zip of every mask here: https://www.sendspace.com/file/n8z0k3)

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