23 classic songs drawn as modern architecture

June 17, 2014

Yes, we know the old Elvis Costello cliche: Writing about music is like dancing about architecture. But what about illustrating music? Italian artist and architect Federico Babina took countless popular songs, listened to them, and re-imagined them as pieces of modern architecture—and they’re as nerdy as they are cool. His Joy Division illustration incorporates the famous artwork of Unknown Pleasures, his White Stripes has two twin building in Meg and Jack’s famed red and black, and… well, see if you can spot the musical details Babina works into these drawings.

“The parallels between architecture and music are diverse and extraordinary,” the artist told Dezeen. “They have a common mathematical order which regulates the forms and the rhythm.”

Some of the songs he used as inspiration? Blur’s “Song 2,” David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” Radiohead’s “No Surprises,” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” by Nirvana. Prints will soon be available here. Thanks to Gizmodo for the tip.

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