Here’s how 24 Canadian music venues will look after we’re all destroyed by global warming

Goodbye, Dakota Tavern. Toronto won't be the same without you.

May 7, 2014

Unless you’re an extreme climate-change skeptic (or are employed by one), most of us agree: There’s undeniable evidence that humans are causing global temperatures to rise, and the conditions are only worsening. Our emissions have been blamed for everything from extreme weather, to melting polar ice caps, to shrinking water resources—and in the future, say some scientists, we can expect to see mass extinctions of animal species, coastal erosion (see ya, California), and conflict caused by shortages of fresh water, arable land, and other resources. It’s pretty grim.

To hammer that point home, World Under Water, in tandem with Carbon Story, developed a Google Street View hack that simulates what our world will look like once the sea level rises. We used their simulator to see what our favourite Canadian music venues will look like after the global warming apocalypse. Yes, we understand that this is unrealistic—and given rising water levels, different parts of Canada will be affected differently (you’re lucky, Saskatchewan). Nonetheless, get your snorkels on. GOODBYE.

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