38 weird and hilarious covers of Oasis’ “Wonderwall”

October 30, 2014

Originally released on October 30th, 1995, today marks “Wonderwall”‘s 19th birthday, making it officially old enough to irritate its friends at the local frat or beach party. Jokes aside, the song endures because it’s expertly written and, against the odds, pretty timeless.

Still, let’s leave it to the pros, ya? To celebrate the Oasis classic’s birthday, we decided to toss together a comprehensive list of the most unnecessary “Wonderwall” covers we could find.

Hip-hop remix? Check. Keytar cover? Of course. From flamenco guitars to kids covering it from their toilets, here are 38 of our favourites renditions of “Wonderwall” that totally exist. Thanks, Internet.

The reggae edition of “Wonderwall”

The spoken-word edition of Wonderwall

Wonderwall goes metal

Oasis goes ska

Wonderwall ft. Notorious BIG, Wiz Khalifa, Wale, and Pharcyde

The pop-punk “Wonderwall”

The Chipmunks take on Wonderwall

The Oasis dubstep remix the world desperately needed

The drums only version of Wonderwall

The Wonderwall country edition

Guerrilla Wonderwall

Dmitri Vegas x Like Mike x Steve Aoki’s Wonderwall

Ryan Adams’ gorgeous take on Wonderwall

The teen screamo edition of Wonderwall


The Sunday Sermon Wonderwall (Sunderwall?)

The AC/DC x Oasis mashup

The EDM answer to Wonderwall


The trap remix of Wonderwall


Wonderwall with a zillion drops

Paul Anka’s Wonderwall

The banjo cover of Wonderwall

The jazzy Wonderwall

Ed Sheeran’s cover of Wonderwall

The bass cover of Wonderwall


10 Acapella Wonderwall

The Gregorian chanting version of Wonderwall

The Wonderwall bathroom edition

Wonderwall with 200% more m0sh

Wonderwall shreds


The Wonderflute

The keytar cover of Wonderwall

The deep house edit of Wonderwall

The flamenco funk Wonderwall

Wonderwall with djembe

The 8-bit cover of Wonderwall

The beatboxed version of Wonderwall

The Wonderwall x Green Day mashup that gives overemotional teens all the feels


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