The Needle Drop’s 5 favourite MF Doom verses

August 8, 2014

In hip-hop circles, there may be no rapper as equally endeared and controversial as Daniel Dumile’s MF Doom. The most popular of his range of characters, which include but aren’t limited to Viktor Vaughn, King Geedorah and Zev Lov X, Doom is a notoriously talented rapper who, for better or worse, has often tries to turn his work into performance art. Unfortunately for fans, that means scamming them: For a while, Doom regularly failed to show up for concerts, often sending impersonators in his stead.

But the circumstances surrounding what makes him a controversial weirdo are separate from the talent that makes him a critically acclaimed artist.

For our latest collaboration with The Needle Drop, Anthony Fantano explores some of Dumile’s best verses. Anyone who’s heard him knows to get excited. You might not agree with all of Fantano’s choices, but you’re definitely going to want to talk it out. And when it comes to embracing music, isn’t that the half of it?

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