50 Cent’s terrible Mets game pitch is the best first pitch ever

May 28, 2014


50 Cent has been trying for years to evolve beyond his reputation as a lumbering tough guy; Gaunt acting roles, ones where he wears glasses and surprising business savvy have all helped. But yesterday, he managed to strike that final blow and distance himself fully from the sweat drenched machismo that catapulted his early rap career to the top of the charts.

A proud New Yorker, Fiddy was given the chance to throw out the first pitch at last night’s New York Mets game. Sadly, he looked like an absolute dink in doing so. Like Mariah Carey before him, dude’s toss was nowhere near the plate, launching wide—wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide—of the catcher’s mit.


He was quick on the defence, Instagramming that he’s a “hustler, not a ball player” in a gibberish, swear-filled response.


Then, an hour after telling us to “ignore his pitch,” he posted another clip mocking it himself. “The sh!t almost hit the camera man damn,” he wrote in the caption. “If you look close you can see them moving the plate.”

GIF via Deadspin

And that’s when we realized something: Beneath the muscle-y sheen and gunshot wounds, 50 Cent is a total goober. Remember when he tried to kiss Erin Andrews? That was awkward.

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