7 reasons Coalition Music’s Artist Entrepreneur program can help your career

June 9, 2014

While some artists would have you believe that they rolled out of bed, picked up a guitar, and couch-surfed their way into international fame—we’re looking at you, Mac DeMarco—here’s the reality: it’s really, really hard to succeed in the music biz. Being a musician is in many ways, a dream job, but there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes—you have to record, tour, and stand out in an incredibly competitive industry. None of these things come easy.

Luckily Coalition Music, Toronto’s Music Incubator, is here to help. Their programs – one for artist entrepreneurs, one for tour and tech specialists – don’t just improve their standing in the music industry; they ensure that the industry works for them. So, how can Coalition Music’s program Artist Entrepreneur program help you? We’re glad you asked.

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