8 awesome rock star/NHL player hockey card mash-ups

From Jaromir Jagger to Elton John Tavares, this is a sports/music slapshot.

August 7, 2015

The same day people figured out that Photoshop could be used for hilarious dumb shit as well as legitimate photography post-production, they probably realized one of the best types of tomfoolery was dropping famous people’s heads onto other people’s bodies.

While this mind boggling switcheroo remains one of our personal favourites, the folks over at Straight Outta Cooperstown have hit a home run (sorry) with their mash-ups of rappers and baseball players. T.I. Cobb? Brilliant.

Now, the folks at TSN’s Bar Down blog have gleamed some inspiration from the concept and put together a more Canadian version. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you the best of the “Rock ‘N’ Roll Hockey Cards.”

p.s. On a related note, and also because Nicolas Cage, check out this random What if Nicolas Cage was in the NHL? gallery. Terrifying.

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