8 things music fans will miss from the Internet Explorer era

Internet Explorer is going the way of the Winamp. Goodnight, sweet prince.

March 17, 2015

While it’s hardly a sad piece of news, Microsoft has officially announced that they’re killing off their fabled Internet Explorer brand. In its place, reports the Verge, will be a new browser tentatively titled Project Spartan, all of which led us to a few questions: Wait, people still use Internet Explorer? You mean there’s people who denied Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and even god damn Opera to use Internet Explorer? What?

Well, it’s true. Still, Spartan will make its appearance with Windows 10. (Upon its release, we’d guess, Windows users will forgo Spartan for Chrome.) Nonetheless, a refresh was drastically needed for Microsoft’s web browser, and that’s largely because we associate Explorer with another era entirely; the last time anyone used it, it seems, was when Windows 95 (or maybe—maybe—XP) was ubiquitous.

Still, IE’s death, perhaps more than the demise of Winamp, signals the end of an era. Here are eight music-related things we’ll miss about the Internet Explorer age—until we realize that we have things way, way better now.

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