8 video games where you can play as musicians

Live the rock star dream with these games of questionable quality.

July 8, 2015

No one is immune to the allure of quick licensing dollars, least of all superstar musicians, who aren’t the most spendthrift people at the best of times. But be honest, if Electronic Arts was offering you a cool 100k for the right to use your likeness in, I don’t know, Brian Masterson Turbo Paintball Night 2: Single And Loving It, you gotta admit you’d at least consider the offer. Not everyone has the long-term foresight to think hmmm, maybe permanently attaching my image to some poorly-programmed, soon-to-be forgotten cash grab is the best move for ensuring the survival of my personal brand.

On the other hand, some video games are sweet as hell and the art form is only getting better (best evidenced by the fact you can now describe it as an art form and not be laughed out of the room), so try not to act too shocked when Ed Sheeran’s Big Buck Hunter: Blimey She’s a Biggun! hits store shelves next month.

As a primer, here are 8 already-released video games in which you can play as your favourite artists. In the interest of… well, interest, we’ve excluded rhythm and music game series like Guitar Hero and Just Dance.

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