9 Canadian musician/actor double threats

From Alanis Morissette to Michael Cera, Canada has its fair share of slashees.

September 28, 2015

While the time-tested statement ‘every musician wants to be an actor and every actor wants to be a musician’ might be a gross exaggeration, there’s definitely a heck of a lot of examples of these crisscrossing categories. As for the results of such attempts at Renaissance Man/Woman status – well, they vary, to say the least. It’s not always about talent, either; the fact that a performer rose to prominence in one field can just as likely ensure unjust failure in the other as it can unwarranted success.

The U.S. have their Justin Timberlakes and Jennifer Lopezes, and we’ve got a solid line-up of double threats as well. Check out the gallery above for 9 of Canada’s favourite musicians/actors.

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