9 of the gnarliest onstage injuries

From an exploding drum kit to a dangerous drone, these are some legendary live music mishaps.

October 27, 2015

Let’s face it – as a species, humans collectively love seeing each other get hurt.

Our ingrained response is something like this: Step 1 – ensure they’re alive. Step 2 – laugh. We seem to find it especially funny when somebody famous eats it (almost certainly due to jealousy). As far as musicians go, we’ve chortled at everyone from Bono to Steven Tyler’s less graceful moments and recently lauded the man who decided to keep it going despite a broken leg.

However, we often forget that there are plenty of ways musicians risk life and limb for us onstage other than accidentally toppling off their lofty perch. Here are nine reminders why concert insurance is so expensive.

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