9 songs that ruled our playlist this week

February 6, 2015

Check out our “Trending” Playlist for this week. Put on the player and read a bit about each song below.

1. “We Are The Hearts” by EXGF

What a track to lead off with! Here’s one of the hottest songs of this week, “We Are The Hearts” from LA duo EXGF. This track is absolutely everywhere at the moment. The band members hail from Paris and Los Angeles, who get together in a studio in North Hollywood to record this epic trip-pop. I love a stand out vocal, but for me that random trumpet in the middle of it all was what sealed the deal for me. This band is an ex-girlfriend you should get to know.

2. “Pressure” by Milk & Bone

I had to check the archives to see if I’d featured Montreal band Milk & Bone before, turns out I’ve only meant to but never got around to posting anything from the band. A friend and contributor to my blog tipped me to this band a little while back, after attending some of the showcases at M For Montreal. Seems as if this band made an impression on her, I’m guessing they played “Pressure.” Cool song, a little subdued, but it sounds really unique.

3. “To Die In LA” by Lower Dens

I’ve finally come around on Baltimore band Lower Dens, with the help of these latest tunes off their third album “Escape From Evil”. Maybe I’ve got a soft spot for what Stereogum calls a middle ground between “motorik krautrock pulse and headspun dream-pop drift”.

4. “City Lights” by NRVS LVRS

Dark horse of this week’s playlist. I’m so surprised that more people haven’t jumped on this track. We first heard it near the end of last year, when they premiered the track on Soundcloud. This week, it’s trending again with the release of the video for the song. The San Francisco band have a killer tune here, perhaps though a grower; one that’ll take a little while to work it’s way in our playlists.

5. “Temptation” by Lusts

This track is the throwback. Take a listen to the dark-pop of Leicester brothers Andy and James Stone (aka Lusts), who’ll make you think of bands like New Order and Joy Division with their single “Temptation.” It makes me want to walk away from this desk, put on the record player and dig up some old records.

6. “Taken Blame” by Gordi

It wouldn’t be one of my playlists if there weren’t some under-the-radar Australian artist to tip you about. Seriously, something in the water down there lately. Take a listen to Sydney singer Gordi, who delivers a beautiful lead-in to her upcoming EP with her second release, “Taken Blame.”

7. “Nothing But A Heartbeat” by Say Lou Lou

I had a twin moment today when I literally blew the mind of my streetcar driver this morning who couldn’t believe I wasn’t my twin brother (his neighbour). This latest track from twin sisters Miranda Anna and Elektra June Kilbey-Jansson (a.k.a. Say Lou Lou) is my second twin moment of the day, which makes sense, as they always arrive in twos. For fans of Tove Lo or Icona Pop, a great pop track.

8. “I Forget Where We Were” by George Ogilvie (Boehm remix / Ben Howard Cover)

I get pretty confused sometimes when reading track and artist names, when it comes to covers (and how people label them online). The way it was written in Soundcloud gives the impression that this song is a Ben Howard version of a George Ogilvie song, then remixed. In reality, this is a cover of a Ben Howard song by Kent musician George Ogilvie, then remixed by Bucharest DJ Boehm. How ever you label it, it’s really nice. The remix pays tribute to the cover and to the original.

9. “Springworlds” by Inventions

I just keep hitting repeat on this track. For fans of something a little atmospheric (reminding me of my favourite instrumentals from Sigur Ros and KC Accidental) try out this song “Springworlds” from Explosions in the Sky‘s Mark T. Smith and Eluvium‘s Matthew Cooper (aka Inventions). I’m counting down the days until their March 17th release of “Maze Of Woods,” hoping that the rest of the album is like this. Sunday afternoon listening, I could use a new record to work into that rotation.

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