9 songs that ruled our playlist this week

February 20, 2015

Check out our “Trending” Playlist for this week. Put on the player and read a bit about each song below.

1. “Nowhere We Cannot Go” by Hayden

It’s around this time of year that I typically tend to notice more than normal amounts of “summer” inspired songs and videos. Or at least I think I do. It’s probably just the winter taking it’s toll on me, where videos featuring happy couples frolicking in sand (like in Hayden‘s latest video for “Nowhere We Cannot Go”) tend to sting instead of allow for a four minute escape. Maybe I’ll just stick to the Soundcloud version.

2. “Love Like Mine feat. Cleopold” by Miami Horror

This track probably falls victim to my point on track #1, but I’m already well on my way into this playlist to turn back now. It’s been over five years since Miami Horror released their debut album “Illumination?”, now we’re hearing of album #2 on the way (“All Possible Futures” will be out in April). This song is all fun, no filler.

3. “Agape” by Bear’s Den

“Agape” is not necessarily a new song for me, but it’s got legs in my mind. Meaning “love” in Greek, band member Kev Jones explains that the song speaks “partly about insecurity in a relationship, about never being able to shake that feeling, and how by default that feeling can lead to a relationship’s demise.” Like sinking in sand with the tide coming in, the newly released video for the song provides a great visual compliment.

4. “Chemical” by Jack Garratt

It’s another week and again I’m touting the greatness of London newcomer Jack Garratt. Stepping it up from a swoony downtempo track, Garratt adds his soaring falsetto to a frenzied mix of “nasty beats and wob-wob synths.” Slightly out of my wheelhouse but I’m always ready to expand my tastes.

5. “Song For Zoe & Gwen” by Yumi Zouma

I trust a lot of labels in the music they put forward, especially indies like NYC/London based Cascine Records. Their latest release is new music from New Zealand natives Yumi Zouma from their second EP. For fans of enchanting dream pop, this song for Zoe & Gwen is bliss.

6. “The Nile (feat. Rae Morris) ” by Sivu

I had my “aspiring music supervisor” hat on when hearing Sivu‘s mesmerizing song “The Nile,” featuring the vocals of labelmate Rae Morris. I totally see this in some heartbreaking montage; it’s got the right feel, lyrical connection, and arc to the finish. Stellar track.

7. “Ivan” by Von Sell

I’ll admit I was a little late to the party on electro-pop artist Von Sell. I think I skipped “Ivan” when I first heard it, but succumbed to the onslaught of seeing the name Von Sell appearing just about everywhere online (or at least the sites I’m frequenting). Originally from Berlin, David Von Sell settled in Brooklyn after studying at the British Academy Of New Music and Berklee College of Music. I thought the trend these days was to move to Berlin to break into the music industry? Looks like he doesn’t need to follow a trend to turn heads these days.

8. “Berlin Prayer” by Moscow Metro

I still consider myself a champion for unsigned/unknown indie bands with great songs. Previously, I’ve hyped you to Irish band Moscow Metro’s epic songs like “Future Fades” and now I’ve got a great follow-up in “Berlin Prayer,” For fans of Glasvegas and The National.

9. “Blowtorch” by The Go! Team

Finally, here’s another phenomenal track from The Go! Team from their highly anticipated forthcoming album. Something about those thunderous drums, duelling sitars and jangling guitars. Massive, and a great way to finish this week. Check out “Blowtorch.”

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