Actor Chris Pratt is as good at rapping Eminem as Eminem is

August 6, 2014

If you saw Guardians of the Galaxy this past weekend—and given the box office numbers, we’re wagering you did—then you already know that Parks & Recreation charmer Chris Pratt is about to take that next step into superstardom.

What the movie does particularly well is sell its audience on Pratt’s character Peter Quill’s love of music, and the goofball actor’s real life appreciation might have helped make James Gunn’s script even more convincing. Pratt was on DJ Whoo Kid’s radio show earlier this week when he talked about his time living in a van, smoking weed on the daily and bumping Dr. Dre’s 2001 on repeat.

When he bragged about knowing every word on the album, Whoo Kid dared him to prove it. So he did.


Not only does he hit the lyrics, but Pratt’s got Slim Shady’s timbre and tone almost totally down pat. Proving how close he was, one redditor went so far as to sync Pratt’s rap up with the original track.

Impressive, right? Between this and “5000 Candles in the Wind,” we kind of hope Pratt turns to music after his new life in movies.


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