Andrew W.K. on farting politely and more first date tips

May 15, 2014

Previously, Andrew W.K. taught us how to party at a funeral. This week, he tackles dating. Curious for what’s next? Subscribe to AUX on YouTube to catch new videos as they come.

Having been married for nearly six years, Andrew W.K. knows a lot about love, and while it’s been forever since he’s been on a first date, our latest video with the party-peddling pianist shows he hasn’t lost his mojo.

Describing first dates as an automatic party, W.K. spends our latest collaboration together teaching young romantics how to push through their nerves and take the date naturally as it comes.

Like he says early on, the worst case scenario is that you die. If you don’t? Smooth sailing!

But what if you have to fart? W.K. calls gas the biggest concern for anyone on a first date, and he’s probably not wrong. His first suggestion is pretty obvious—excuse yourself and let ‘er rip—but let’s say you’ve already blasted out in the potty and can’t in good conscious scamper off again? No worries—the “Party Hard” singer’s got you covered.

“It’s very important to choose a restaurant with fabric cloth seats, with a cushion on the chair,” he explains. “This way, you can pile drive the air, hopefully silently by spreading the cheeks, into the cushion.”

And if she smells it? Blame it on the food!

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