Andrew W.K. teaches you how to party at a funeral

April 30, 2014

Andrew W.K. is a lot of things—classically trained pianist, brony, motivational speaker—but mostly, he’s know as the purveyor of partying. Ever since his broken nose bled into the public eye in 2001, W.K.’s built his brand around all things party-related, which is far more of a strict discipline than you’d imagine.

More than anything, it’s about self-improvement and, to put it plainly, doin’ you, and to prove just how far his infamous Party Tips extend, we enlisted him to help us in an ongoing series of motivational videos.

Up first? How to party at a funeral.

At first it might sound odd, but Andrew’s values quickly highlight the guide’s true meaning: that death, more than anything, should be a celebration of life.

Oh, and do not under any circumstances climb into the coffin with the deceased. If there’s such a thing as a line, that would be crossing it.

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