Andrew W.K. turns a doctor’s office into a party

May 29, 2014

After teaching us how to party at a funeral and on a first date, Andrew W.K. is back with another life lesson. This week, he tackles partying at the doctor’s office. Curious for what’s next? Subscribe to AUX on YouTube to catch new videos as they come.

You’re lying if you don’t dread going to the doctor. It’s awkward and time consuming, but if you want to, like, not die, also kind of important. So how do you make it fun?

As always, Andrew W.K. has the answer, and it starts by making the experience less uncomfortable for the both of you. Enjoy the unusual aspects of going to the doctor, appreciate the miracle of science and, most importantly, feel for your health practitioner. If you’re uncomfortable, imagine how they’re feeling.

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