App of the Month: Encore creates time capsules from festival and concert photos and videos

September 10, 2014

With past, present, and future in hand, it seems Encore is hoping to be the concert app to rule them all. Its upcoming shows and concert video aggregation combines Songkick, Bandsintown, and Timbre’s concert listings feature with the experiential collages of apps like Stage Page. All it needs now is the virtual lighter.

The Story Behind Encore

As avid concertgoers, the four founders weren’t satisfied with existing concert apps. As founder Nick Klimchuk told me, they wanted “an app that could grow quickly through a different angle,” not just list upcoming shows. “The eureka moment came at a Stars concert in Kingston, ON in March 2013,” Nick says. “Everyone was on their phones taking photos and videos. What better feature, aside from concert listings, than creating time capsules from all the photos and videos the crowd was taking?”

Though the number of hands shoving iPhones into the air has sparked a lot of conversation, it’s clear that fans love to share their experiences. “Live music events are some of the best moments in people’s lives. People want to be able to relive and share those experiences with others. Encore is built around that impulse,” Nick explains. If users aren’t keen to share with the world, then at least they’ve got records that will induce those fuzzy nostalgic feelings one gets when looking back to the past.

Seeking Out Live Music

During testing, the app brought up a decent list of upcoming shows, but many small venues were overlooked. For lesser-known local talent, Encore won’t be the app that drives new fans to the dance floor. But finding an all-inclusive database to pull concert information from is a difficult (and as of now, impossible) task. “The team loves the scrobbling feature. It’s something we’ve used for years,” Nick says about sticking with Last.fm over other concert databases. “Given our love of the product, and our interest in using their recommendation graph eventually, it was a serendipitous match.”

With the app’s front page pushing only that day’s shows, Encore does a good job of not initially overwhelming the user with the never-ending page that is the “Future” tab. Thanks to a partnership with Seatgeek, tickets can be bought from a variety of sources (Ticketmaster, Stubhub, eBay, FanXchange, to name a few), and the app informs users of the best price. And for the deal hunters out there? Keep your eyes peeled: “We’re going to eventually incorporate push notifications to message users when tickets for shows with cheap tickets are available,” says Nick.

The Next Steps

Nick and the team aren’t quite finished with features yet though. Ideas like live streaming concerts, setlist archives, and push notifications for upcoming shows are floating around.

Grab the app for iOS here.

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