Avril Lavigne’s style, from neckties to Hello Kitty

July 22, 2014

Here’s something I’m not above saying: in high school, I wanted to dress like Avril Lavigne. I wanted to look as cool in Dickies pants, I wanted my skate shoes to be big like hers, and I wanted to wear a tie without anyone saying I was trying to dress like Avril Lavigne. Evidently, it didn’t work out.

But that’s a good thing since Avril — like literally any other artist in the music industry — has evolved from her days as a mall-loitering sk8er girl. Now, she’s a tutu-wearing, hand-clapping Mrs. Kroeger, and it’s a transition to be documented. But we’ll censor the cynicism: after all, only (s)he who is without having owned a pair of Ugg boots, can cast the first stone. Meaning that while I might not understand or financially support a Hot Topic-sponsored aesthetic, we still can’t say it’s inherently wrong.

Chad’s necklaces, on the other hand, are.

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