Can you name these artists described with only the most common English words?

June 16, 2015

Up-Goer Five is a writing thing on the computer that only lets you use the 1,000 most-used words in the… writing and talking… thing… of… forget it, let’s try this again. Up-Goer Five is a text writing editor that only allows you to use the 1,000 most common words in the English language to describe things. Basically, if you have a hankering to recount the plot of War and Peace to your five-year-old nephew, this is the way to do it.

Based on a comic from haughty nerd mecca XKCD, Up-Goer Five is a surefire way to enrage and mystify yourself while your boss is looking the other way at work today. How the hell can ‘computer’ be one of the top 1,000 words but not ‘machine’?!

Anyway, we thought it would be fun to try and describe some well-known bands and musicians through the editor, and we were right: it was fun. How many can you name?

Scroll down for answers:

Do you really wanna know?

Come on they’re not that hard.


1. Bjork

2. Kanye West

3. Deadmau5

4. Metallica/Lars Ulrich

5. Eminem

6. Radiohead

7. Adele

8. Prince

9. Drake

10. Stevie Nicks

11. Kraftwerk

12. Timbaland

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