Canada’s only vinyl plant acquires automated record pressing machines

This partnership could make Canada a major vinyl producer.

June 6, 2016

Whether they’re being purchased to actually be listened to or simply for hipster cool points, vinyl records are seeing a seemingly unstoppable resurgence. So it was with open arms earlier this year that the industry welcomed Toronto’s Viryl Technologies, a manufacturer of highly automated record presses.

These advanced machines possess modern enhancements that allow them to “make a perfect record”, while their ease of use theoretically allows a worker to operate two at once. Now, as the Globe and Mail reports, Viryl Technologies has just announced its first partnership with none other than Canada’s only remaining record pressing business, Calgary’s Canada Boy Vinyl.

Viryl Technologies’ automated record press, contrasted with the old school machine shown above.

You might remember Canada Boy as the wonderfully Canuck company that came up with the “Dirtbag Special” budget pressing offer. The Cowtowners have placed an order for three of Viryl’s presses to complement their three existing older machines. Already pressing records for both indie and major labels, the addition of the new machines will greatly increase Canada Boy’s capacity and see it become one of world’s most modern pressing plants.

[h/t Exclaim!]

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