Canadify is an app that helps people listen to music ‘like a Canadian’

October 10, 2014

Plenty of Canadians were excited when Spotify, the much-ballyhooed U.S. streaming service, arrived in Canada last week. And now, the streaming-music behemoth has launched a neat web app that’s catered specifically to those north of the 49th: Introducing Canadify.

The concept of the web app is pretty simple: It helps people “listen to music like a Canadian.” What that means? Canadify allows you to enter any artist’s name, then finds their Canadian equivalent. And it works pretty well, too—enter Jack White, and Canadify recommends Vancouver garage duo the Pack A.D. Enter Mastodon, and it recommends Buried Inside and Bison B.C. And if you ask to Canadify Dave Grohl, it recommends Nickelback and Default (sorry, Dave).

According to Exclaim, the app is built with data from the Echo Nest, who’ve long been gathering streaming-music intelligence. Pretty cool, no? Check out a few of Canadify’s pairing in the gallery above, and test out Spotify here.

[H/T Exclaim]

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