Check out the fascinating financial reality of every level of the music business

From major label bigwigs to morning zoo sidekicks, find out where the buck drops.

June 25, 2015

If the ongoing dealings between Taylor Swift, Master of the Universe and streaming giants like Apple Music and Spotify are any indication, the industry at large is currently ironing out some serious kinks. And if a former hitmaker like Scott Storch if forced to eat Kraft Dinner, how much hope do the rest of us have?

Happily, it turns out that money still rocks, and the number crunchers at Billboard have broken down the specifics in a new series of studies titled “Who Makes What.” Ever wondered how much more major label bigwigs are raking in vs. their indie counterparts? Spoiler: A lot. How about the annual salary of a pyrotechnics specialist or an artist’s personal drug holder/blunt roller? Spolier: $2,500 per week and $500 per week, respectively. What about the disparity between music journalists and publicists? Spoiler: Sad face.

These infographics may be presented in a cartoonish fashion, but the findings are fascinating. Follow Billboard’s rabbit holes to learn about the average paycheques of music publishing execs, morning zoo sidekicks and Mariah Carey’s per show rate for a Las Vegas residency. It’s all mildly depressing, but she needs to pay for her Christmas tree and tinsel addiction somehow.

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