Chocolate records exist and you can eat them when you’re done listening

These might actually taste better than they sound.

February 10, 2015

Gimmickry is an integral part of vinyl’s success and collectibility, and we’ve covered everything from urine-soaked records to vinyl that’s considered legal postage tender.

Suffice to say, we’ve seen it all when it comes to novelty records, but never have we come across a gimmick so seemingly delicious—chocolate vinyl.

Believe it or not, but more than a few innovative artists/chocolatiers have tried their hand at cocao based records.

Germany’s Peter Lardong apparently tried his hand at making records out of cola, cheese, butter, beer and meat before settling on chocolate, and the result is an album you can play roughly twelve times before it’s trashed. Luckily, trashed chocolate is still chocolate, and we bet it’s delicious. Lardong used his own molds to make the records, which are a mix of cocoa, cocoa butter and lecithin heated up on his stove.

And then there’s Found, the Scottish band who collaborated with their friend and baker Ben Milne who, after some trial and error, managed to create a warped-but-playable 7″ for the band. Watch how that came together here:


DJ Breakbot, out of France, had the same idea with his By Your Side record, which was a full length LP with 14 edible tracks. Understandably, pressings were incredibly limited, and besides… how do you even store something like this? Not to mention the damage it might do to your turntable’s needle.

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