Conan goes full-on Mad Max

How else was he going to get to Comic-Con?

July 9, 2015

Oh, what a day… what a lovely day!

Conan O’Brien has lugged his late night show all the way to San Diego for the annual nerd/branding pilgrimage known as Comic-Con. How’d Conan get there? Did he carpool with FedEx Pope or travel via Masturbating Bearback? Nay! He got into the spirit of things with a Mad Max: Fury Road homage that was several shades of awesome and will leave you shiny and chrome.

Conan, Andy Richter and the Basic Cable Band paid tribute to the instaclassic film by decking themselves out like The Doof Warrior, Immortan Joe and the War Boys. Conan wailed away on a guitar/flamethrower while Andy… Wait, why are we spoiling this excellent clip? Enjoy it for yourself below. Once you’re done, watch Conan take Chris Hardwick’s Comic-Con citizenship test.


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