Creed fans create petition to change the name of Rocky sequel

Our money's on the Creedmunity.

July 2, 2015

Before the Christian and secular music worlds were graced with the presence of fallen star Scott Stapp, the name Creed may have conjured sweaty-eyed visions of Rocky Balboa’s nemesis. Now, dedicated fans of the band are alleging that a new sequel of the film franchise is swinging the spotlight back to the boxing ring.

Apollo Creed — the stars and stripes short-shorts-clad heavyweight played by Carl Weathers — has become a topic of conversation for the first time since the actor’s mooching, self-mocking cameo in Arrested Development. “Baby, you’ve got a stew going!” In the forthcoming film Creed, Sly Stallone reprises his classic role to train the son of his rival. This has ruffled the feathers of Change.org user Nick Robinson, who is now petitioning MGM Studios to change the name of the movie. There’s little doubt here that it’s all a goof and/or spoof, but we’re happy to spread his cause to reach the goal of 100 signatures. Here’s Robinson’s plea to “the Creedmunity”:

[pullquote]The movie CREED about the son of Rocky Balboa’s deceased trainer’s son [sic], is making it difficult, if not impossible, for the still-vital online Creed fanbase to exchange thoughts and discussion regarding band developments, song interpretation, rumors, non-erotic fanfiction, and deeper insights into the expanded Creed universe. MGM has completely disrespected the Creedmunity by using the name of the still-popular band for their non-Creed related movie and have been stifling conversation by flooding social media hashtags and searches with non-music Creed discussion. MGM should have consulted Creed experts and online leaders before titling this movie. The Creedmunity will not be silenced.[/pullquote]

Packing one last punch, he has also included a list of alternative titles:

• Rocky’s Creed
• Boxer Creed
• Son of Creed (although, this was the title of a rare 2002 leak of studio demos, the title was never officially used by the band, and thus is not considered canon)
• Apollo Creed’s Son
• Rocky: Son of Creed (while this makes it look like it’s a reveal that Rocky was Creed’s son, this is just an idea and MGM’s marketing department can make it work somehow)
• Rocky: The Next Generation
• Creed (not the band)


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