Daniela Andrade talks ‘Dan in Real Life,’ the ‘Drive’ soundtrack, and why Aubrey Plaza could be in her band

July 16, 2014

Daniela Andrade and Justin Bieber have one thing in common—namely, that they were both Canadians discovered on Youtube—but the comparisons, thankfully, stop there. Andrade’s racked up millions of plays already, but the 21-year-old Edmonton native doesn’t have her own version of “Baby.” Instead, she blasted onto our collective radars with her stripped-down, folksy renditions of tracks like Radiohead’s “Creep,” Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” and Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy,” which placed her heart-stopping crystalline vocals front and centre.

Better than her covers, though, were the songs Andrade penned. Along with the Things We’ve Said EP, Andrade has compiled a list of originals on her Youtube page—and she’s just as compelling a vocalist as she is a songwriter. Part hushed folk, part intimate indie pop, Andrade established herself as a riser in Canadian music, a status she’ll surely cement with her forthcoming LP, due later this year. We can’t wait to hear it.

Outside of music, though, Andrade’s also a giant movie fan. We caught up with her to talk about her favourite flicks, the best Ryan Gosling-themed soundtrack, and which actors she’d select as a bandmate.

In your opinion, what’s the best movie of all time?

Dan in Real Life. It feels like the perfect weekend. From the sets to the food on the table, the cast and director did a great job at making it feel like you were watching something natural and funny. It also lead me to discover Sondre Lerche—who composed for the whole soundtrack—and I’ve been in love with his music ever since I saw the movie in theatres in 2007.

Awesome. Who’s your favourite actor of all time?

Juliette Binoche. She does such a great job at playing supporting roles that really add to films but she also nails being the star of a movie. Its great when an actor can shine no matter how small their role is. She always emanates such natural beauty as well, inside and out.

What’s your best or worst movie memory? Was there a scary movie you saw when you were too young, or an awkward movie you saw with your parents?

My worst movie memory is from The Wizard of Oz when the Wicked Witch melts. That scene stayed engraved in me forever. I remember not being able to sleep as a kid thinking about it and having a few nightmares. Sadly, I still cant seem to bring myself to watch The Wizard of Oz after all these years.

Now, let’s talk music. What’s your favourite movie soundtrack?

Drive‘s soundtrack. I remember having to watch that movie over again to get another good look at how beautiful the cinematography was, but realized the second time around that the music really tied everything in really well. Now, I listen to the soundtrack in my car, because wouldn’t you know it, it’s about the coolest thing to listen to while driving.

We agree (plus, how good is Kavinsky?). So, in the movie about your career, who’d play your bandmates?

Aubrey Plaza. I feel like her characters and I are kindred spirits, I relate to their humour and sarcasm.



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