Deadmau5 works at Tim Hortons part time

January 29, 2015

While Tim Horton’s is near universally acknowledged as toxic runoff, there’s no denying its impact on Canadian culture: If you’re planning a cross-province road trip, there’s only one drink you’re arming yourself with—and it’s a large double-double. Sure, their lasagnas resemble Chef Boyardee run through a trash compactor, but the image we associate most frequently with Tim’s is a game of shinny on a pristine frozen pond. And while we’ve all moved onto jobs that require collared shirts, we won’t forget our hoser-ly roots—plenty of us got our first jobs at the local Tim’s drive-through.

Indeed, slinging donuts at Tim Horton’s is an iconically Canadian work experience—even if the company’s owned by U.S.-based Burger King and, in the midst of a brutal sweep of layoffs, let go of 40 per cent of its corporate office staff. But Deadmau5, the Toronto-bred EDM superstar, offered us a moment of Tim’s-related levity by taking his Tim’s obsession to a new level—he took up a part-time job at the coffee franchise.

OK, well not quite. But he stopped by their test kitchen recently to make a few donuts, and the results were predictably Mau5-ian. The DJ frosted multiple treats, and shaped them into his iconic mouse head—including one plus-sized donut. And while this seems like a rote advertisement, Marketing Mag reports that it wasn’t a paid publicity stunt—Deadmau5 simply stopped in for kicks, and wasn’t paid for his appearance. Check his creations in the gallery above.

Tim’s, however, might be ready to monetize the shit out of his appearance.

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Meanwhile, lest we forget, here’s Deadmau5 taking Rob Ford on a coffee run. Etobicoke, stand up! [H/T Huffington Post]


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