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December 23, 2014

At the time of publication, 2014 has all but come and gone, and still we have no Yeezus 2.

Yeezus, released summer 2013, was, largely, a great big equalizing album—one like we haven’t seen in 2014. Sure, the world finally came to terms with its love for Taylor Swift. And St. Vincent, Run the Jewels, and the War on Drugs all kept their sheen as the year wound down. But when it came time for team AUX to compile a list representative of the year, diversity and individual impact reigned. Forcing our core team to pick just one best album each, one label, one letdown, was hard—and it was also a lot of fun. But no spoilers—we’ll let you get to the year-end questionnaire to see what else defined our listening year.

But our questionnaire isn’t the only way we’ve recapped the year for you: We speak with Dan Snaith—aka Caribou—about the making of his beautiful, melancholic Our Love—obviously one of our favourites of the year. We explore why a year dominated by women in music might finally—hopefully—put “women in music” to rest. We look back at the summer of the Constantines with an exclusive photo essay taken on the road during the seminal band’s run of reunion shows this summer. And, naturally, we dig through and pick out the worst rap lyrics of the year once again for you, because we like you, and you’ve been good. You’re welcome.

When you’re done with 2014, read through our features on Tennyson and Samantha Savage Smith, too, for a glimpse of just a very, very few artists we’re excited to hear lots more from in 2015.

Grab this issue now in iTunes or in Google Play for your iPhone/iPad or Android device. Thanks as always for reading—and please feel free to talk to us, too.

Happy holidays, dear reader. See you next year.


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