Drake now has his own Canadian Heritage Moments series

March 3, 2015

Remember Canadian Heritage Moments? Of course you do. Founded in 1991, the 60-second vignettes would run between after-school programming, educating young Canadians about key moments in their nation’s past: Who could forget, for example, the Doctor Penfield episode that ended with “I can smell burnt toast”? Or James Naismith’s invention of the basketball? Or the wincingly earnest episode Historica built around Jacques Cartier?

The series celebrated key figures in Canadian history, and now, to our delight, Drake has a Heritage Moments series all his own. A Twitter account has emerged with short vignettes memorializing Drizzy’s rise from child actor to 6 God—and it’s brilliant. And naturally, instead of being a minute long, each of Drake’s vignettes are 6ix seconds long.

Like, for example, who could forget the time that Drake airballed a three-point shot at Kentucky U?

[twitter id=”571414974117089280″]

Or Drake’s tribute to his bubbie?

[twitter id=”572852358037688320″]

Or when Drake barely concealed his Nicki Minaj boner?

[twitter id=”572571948179451905″]

Or this interview with Narduwar?

[twitter id=”572570971925839872″]

Or when Aubrey got shot on Degrassi?

[twitter id=”571411650353487872″]

Check the rest of Drake’s Heritage Moments here.

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