Drake’s Toronto Raptors intros were the Drake-iest Drakes he has ever Draked

December 18, 2014

The jokes write themselves when it comes to Drake’s love of basketball. His proficiency in bouncing between fan bases is well documented; one week, he’s salivating over the Kentucky Wildcats and buddying up to John Calipari; the next, he’s bouncing between the Miami Heat locker room and courtside seats beside the Los Angeles Lakers bench. But for all of his thirsty flip-flopping, Drake is more than anything a fan of his hometown Toronto Raptors team, and not just because they’ve enlisted them as their “Global Ambassador.”

Last night, Toronto hosted its second annual Drake Night, and prior to their playoff rematch against the faltering Brooklyn Nets, October’s Very Own came out to do the Raptors’ player introductions.

The results were impeccably Drake-onion, from centre Jonas Valanciunas’ goofy new nickname to the corny punchlines Drizzy lobbed throughout. The highlight, obviously, was when he acknowledged that he and Landry Fields look pretty damn similar.

Here how’s he introduced Toronto’s starting line-up:

[quote]Jonas “Big Science” Valanciunas
Amir “Recently Got A Tattoo of a Swiffer Wet Jet” Johnson
Terrence Ross: When he’s not busy slam dunking, he moonlights as West Coast rapper Kurupt.
Landry Fields – “We realized tonight that we share the same family.”
Kyle “The Baby-Faced Assassin” Lowry[/quote]

Coach Dwane Casey, meanwhile, was named the “best dressed man in the NBA.” Somewhere, Russell Westbrook is scowl-crying in his closet. Here’s the video in full.

And here, Toronto’s league-best mascot dressed in full Drake regalia.


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