Dream Theatre drummer plays classic beats on a Hello Kitty kit

Watch Mike Portnoy bash out Slayer, Rush, and Led Zeppelin beats on the tiny toy.

October 8, 2015

Dream Theatre founder and current Twisted Sister stickman Mike Portnoy is one of the hardest hitting drummers in the biz.

The fun loving metalheads over at Loudwire know this better than anyone, and decided to set Portnoy loose on a pint-sized Hello Kitty kit just for a laugh.

One kick drum, one “snare”, one rack tom, and one cymbal are all he needs for a game of ‘Name That Tune.’ After a few sarcastic words (“I specifically requested the Pokémon kit!” “Dave Lombardo wouldn’t play this shit!”) he starts off with some basic beats like KISS’s “Love Gun” before leveling up to Slayer‘s “Raining Blood” and Rush‘s “YYZ.” He ends it all with some some new tricks from his own band Metal Allegiance. The original video has already been parodied with a mash-up featuring clips from the tense drum drama Whiplash.

Watch the blue-bearded rocker bash it out on the pink kit below:


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