Ed O’Neill met Britney Spears and had no idea who she was

The Modern Family star only learned it was Britney after her photo went viral.

June 14, 2016

Ed O’Neill’s two most popular characters share a couple traits: both Married With Children‘s Al Bundy and Modern Family‘s Jay Pritchett are surly but good-hearted guys who couldn’t give a crap about unnecessary hoopla or ‘what’s hot’ at the moment.

Well, it looks like O’Neill’s ability to nail these characters may stem from the fact that he’s just rolling out of bed and playing himself. As the actor explained to Ellen, a woman approached him in Los Angeles’ LAX airport, gushing that he was her favourite Modern Family character and asking whether she could take a photo with him.

Since she “couldn’t be nicer,” O’Neill agreed – and never would’ve thought of the encounter again had his manager not texted him all “What the hell, dude?” and drawn his attention to this now viral photo:

[twitter id=”579351005910847490″]

O’Neill went on to call Britney’s manager (presumably to have a chuckle about the story rather than apologize profusely – he’s Al Bundy, man). Unsurprisingly, his 17-year-old daughter Sophia was none too impressed, calling her dad a “moron.” Check out the full interview below:

[h/t Uproxx]

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