Ed the Sock rips on 2014’s worst videos in new edition of ‘Fromage’

January 8, 2015

Ed the Sock’s Fromage, an annual video-roasting show, was a highlight in Muchmusic’s heyday. Watching Steven Kerzner’s cigar smoking sock puppet shit on Ricky J and Kazzer videos was just the best. Sure, it was acerbic, offensive and more than a little rude, but laced throughout his roasts were larger points on the industry as a whole. Also, it was really funny.

We know what happened next—MuchMusic evolved, and Ed the Sock quickly found himself out of the picture. But Kerzner was resolved to keep going, and over the last few years has reestablished himself with an increased online presence and a candid approach to media. Last year he finally restarted Fromage, and he’s back again with the 2014 edition.

We’ve picked out some highlights from the 2014 edition in the gallery above, but be sure to watch Ed the Sock’s countdown of 2014’s worst music videos in full here:

If you liked the show, Ed’s asking that you toss a couple bucks towards the Collateral Damage Project, a Canadian suicide prevention charity. [h/t Metaleater]

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